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Shape-Changing Interface Concept


One thing that seems certain as devices develop is that the way we interact with data is going to be everywhere, very soon. Realistically that means we will need new types of interfaces, from augmented reality, to holograms, to the type of stuff in the linked article.

In the video we see a rough prototype of a dynamic, 3D, physical interface that doesn’t display content, it becomes content.

Although this device would be like using a screen with a resolution of a couple hundred pixels — not practical — the concept will be capable of much, much more when it is developed to handle finer images and shapes.

Stop scrolljacking.


One of the most annoying fads coming into popularity lately is scrolljacking — the act of using a web browser’s scrollbar to advance the page as if it were a slideshow of sorts — instead of treating it as what it is: a long cascading document. An example of scrolljacking can be found on Apple’s iPad Air product page. Notice how you really have to scroll and scroll to get the page to advance to the next “slide”. It’s becoming quite popular lately, yet it’s completely gimmicky and goes against common usability standards. 


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More than 90% of companies launched by unemployed individuals are still viable after three years. And they’ve also created additional jobs, potentially bringing even more people out of unemployment. This phenomenon has been studied at EPFL in order to better understand how companies are formed.

Prof. Dr. Marc Gruber, on a research project on Entrepreneurship by formerly unemployed individuals in Switzerland, Germany, France and Belgium.

The full interview here

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