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Recycled Hard Drive Instrument - Electric Waste Orchestra

Creating unconventional musical instruments from outdated computer parts and other e-waste

In the hubbub of Moogfest, we serendipitously ran into a guy wearing purple 3D-printed eyeglasses and holding something that looked like a keytar. Upon closer inspection, and with the house lights turned up, it turned out to be a musical instrument made from outdated computer parts. Colten Jackson wasn’t a speaker at the festival, but a passionate musician who made the trek to Asheville from Champaign, IL, to spread the word about his educational side project, Electric Waste Orchestra. Jackson reuses e-waste to make music in unconventional ways—for example, in this video he transformed six hard-drives and a number pad into a musical instrument (with help from Arduino hardware and Pure Data software) and jams along with a modular synthesizer. (Read more)


Crappy photos of my piece for The Iron Giant Mini Tribute at A Little Known Shop in Anaheim! Show is September 13th and ONE NIGHT ONLY! 

Housed in a 16” x 4” x 4” case, I cut out archival quality inkjet prints of a piece I originally painted digitally and arranged them carefully among circuits and wires. My lovely partner designed the circuit board for me so that the blue bulb on the bolt blinks! I wish I had a gif :(

Anyway, I learned a ton about circuits and soldering and how not to breath in fumes from molten lead. I’ve never had the patience for the elaborate, gorgeous paper cuts that I see at shows, so I decided to keep the paper elements simple and let the LEDs be the “wow” factor here :)

GoPop + Mashable #doodle challenge!




JFK compulsively doodled yachts on White House stationary. Thomas Edison doodled his way to the phonograph. Others of us doodle to enjoy the simple things, like turning a docile fish into an amphibious admiral from Star Wars.

This week, we’re teaming up with Mashable — some of the most…

We want to see your doodles! So this week we’re partnering with visual conversation app GoPop for the GoPop Mashable Doodle Challenge. You can learn more about the challenge here. Happy drawing!

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